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What Our Clients Say

We’re really grateful for our awesome clients, including the awesome facilities at Ohana Wellness Center. Those folks run a tight ship, offering everything from rehabilitative physical therapy to youth personal training and massage therapy. We’re very proud of our partnership with Ohana and their crew! Watch the video to see just how great the relationship is!

Ohana Wellness CenterOhana Welness Center Loves Rent Gym Equipment

Our Hotel: (Holiday Inn) This year, is averaging 95%+ capacity! We could not make this statement this 5 years ago. And it’s all thanks to the infrastructure improvements we’ve invested in – not the least of which was a stellar Hotel Fitness Center. Without a great Hotel Fitness Center, it was not possible to compete for the lion’s share of guests – particularly repeat business travelers – 85% of whom want a hotel that provides fitness facilities.

At first, we thought we would just purchase gym equipment and install it ourselves. But after consulting with friends in the industry, we realized there would be many issues with maintenance and repairs, equipment selection and installation, and general liability issues. Luckily, we found, and they solved all our problems. Instead of spending a huge amount of fitness equipment that would break and depreciate quickly, we now rent an entire gym on a month-to-month basis – all at the cost of less than a week’s stay in just one of our many rooms. Put simply, it’s a great deal.

Holiday Inn Customer, Kiran PatelHoliday Inn Hotel Fitness Center Loves Rentgym!

As the President of an HOA in today’s economy, it’s paramount that I invest wisely and provide the amenities that will keep our tenants happy. With the fitness craze sweeping the nation – now more than ever, people want high quality Fitness Centers as an amenity. In fact, our Fitness Center has attracted more tenants than another other amenity we offer, thanks to ease of use and the quality of our fitness equipment. And for that, we can thank

But it wasn’t always this simple. For many years, we tried to get a Fitness Center installed, but the initial capital expenditure and maintenance costs were simply too high to justify to the HOA board. Put simple, nobody wanted to pay tens of thousands of dollars for rapidly depreciating gym equipment. Then, someone suggested we try renting fitness equipment. At the time, none of us knew that was even an option. Luckily, after a quick Google search, we were able to find They helped us find a low-cost, high-value solution by renting our HOA Fitness Center. They provide us with a simple, single line-item expense in our budget that all our tenants are happy with. Amortized over the entire HOA, it’s just a few dollars per tenant each month. And thanks for’s simple, month-to-month contract, we have the flexibility to change as needed.
Our tenants use the fitness room daily and are very satisfied with the equipment, as it is always in great condition. I’m sure this great service from can help your property too.

Diane S.
HOA President

Diane S, HOA PresidentClub Acacia Hoa Rents Exercise Equipment

Crowne PlazaRedondo Beach and Marina

RentGymEquipment heaquarters:

I’m writing this letter as a testimonial for the outstanding products and service provided by RentGymEquipment.

We’re a small Condominium Association and although we realized it was necessary to replace our old and outdated fitness equipment, the projected expense to purchase all the equipment we needed was prohibitive. This led us to research the rental field for fitness equipment and our ultimate introduction to Lance Zavela.

We also needed guidance on what we could keep, what to toss and what equipment was essential. Lance’s expert knowledge and advice took a large burden off my shoulders and helped us to provide residents with the equipment their lifestyle demanded. And, with the RentGymEquipment program we were able to lower our liability add equipment that we otherwise would have had to do without.

RentGymEqupment also provides us with a single, consistent line-item expense in our budget. With preventive maintenance and repairs as standard service built into our monthly fee we know what our monthly costs will be. And, thanks to RentGymEquipment’s month-to- month contract, we have the flexibility to change out equipment as needed. Our residents use the fitness room daily and they are very satisfied with the RentGymEquipment and its minimal down time. We’ve needed a few repairs since the equipment has been installed over 2 years ago. Our calls for assistance were always followed up promptly, and a technician was sent to our site. Our experience working with RentGymEquipment has been comfortable and professional. They deliver what they promise, and I would recommend them to anyone considering renting equipment for their fitness center.

Beryl Grall Petty
Community Association Manager

Beryl Grall PettyCommunity Association Manager LENOX VILLAS