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Rent Gym Equipment is a vendor of quality gym and fitness center equipment supplying facilities that range from10-unit apartment building fitness centers to Fortune Five Hundred multiple corporate wellness-fitness complexes, to hospitals, schools, medical facilities, and other large corporations.

There are multiple benefits to utilizing Rent Gym Equipment’s experience and knowledge.

Here are five reasons to consider:

1. Cost  

Reports before the Covid pandemic state that 50% of all new gyms and fitness centers closed in the first year. During the Covid pandemic, that number increased. Thankfully, it is returning to business as usual; however, at its best, a fifty percent failure rate should be worrisome to new owners.

Corporate accountants do not waste funds and the evidence supports rental as opposed to primary ownership of gym equipment as being fiscally responsible.

As we age, maximizing our physical fitness goals is essential in any line of work and lifestyle, as it reduces health care costs and increases life span and optimism. Thus, the cost of longevity and investing in state of the art rental fitness equipment is a win-win situation for all.

2. Time 

You’ve heard the expression “time is money.” This proverb may have been created about gym management. The number one reason on this list is one of many cost-saving applications. The less time gym owners / managers spend worrying about the equipment, the more time they can spend on creating the best health-fitness experience for their customers, tenants, etc.

 3. Experience 

Especially if you are a new entrepreneur, opening a fitness studio or gym can be overwhelming. The good news is that, as the old saying goes, “You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.” The cumulative expert experience from Rent Gym Equipment can put you ahead of the curve.

The available knowledge is not limited to equipment only. Every aspect of the fitness business has been explored and experienced personally by the Rent Gym Equipment team. The professionals can confidently evaluate and offer creative adaptations for every situation and concern. The experience and support begin with initial plans and setup and continue to problem-solve, assist growth, and prosper maximally.

4. Personal Service 

The one-on-one attention Rent Gym Equipment provides each individual client is as valuable as the monetary savings. It is via attention to detail and excellent communication with a real person that your business flourishes. Your individual success, in turn, contributes to the success of Rent Gym Equipment.

5. Peace of Mind 

There is no dollar value for peace of mind. It may be the best reason to use Rent Gym Equipment when starting your business. Having a resource available that removes a significant amount of business-related obstacles is priceless.

A few include:

  • Initial Design Consultation: Each piece of equipment requires specific square footage for safe and effective use. Rent Gym Equipment utilizes advanced computer-generated graphics combined with their extensive knowledge to suggest layouts given your square footage. Based on experience, suggesting what initial equipment to start with is valuable.
  • Repairs, Upgrades, and Replacements: When you own a piece of equipment, the responsibility, time, and cost required to fix or replace it falls entirely on you. Rental agreements with Rent Gym Equipment include expedient repairs and replacements.
  • Preventive Maintenance: Every item Rent Gym Equipment provides automatically has a preventive maintenance program attached to ensure optimal performance and safety. Having a preventative maintenance policy in effect may also decrease insurance costs. It is one less thing to have to worry about.


Rent Gym Equipment is the “Go-To” Business Resource For Your Next Fitness Center

Outfitting a new gym enterprise is fraught with unknowns. Any new business venture incurs risk and unforeseen issues. Unless you have extensive experience in this business realm, it is in your best interest to seek the counsel of professionals with the knowledge and expertise specifically in creating, designing, and supplying a new gym, fitness center for any context.

To learn more about Rent Gym Equipment and how it can help you with your next fitness venture please visit and/or contact Rent Gym Equipment at (310) 638-4800 with any inquiries about why renting gym equipment is better than buying new.